1. How should I bring birds?
Please bring your birds alive and in cages. No Cardboard boxes or gunny sacks.

2.Should I take my birds off of feed before butchering?
Yes, 24 hours ahead, they can still have water.

3. How much ice is in a tub we sell?
About 30 lbs. for a full tub, about 15 Lbs. for half of a tub.(When available)

4. What happens to my feathers, guts, etc..?
We dispose of that for you, or you are more than welcome to take it all back,
Note: Feathers come back wet & have no guarantee on their asthetic quality. Please bring your own buckets, containers, or plastic bags. We do not supply them.

5.How long after I drop my birds off are they finished?
The Birds are finished & ready for pickup the same day they are dropped off. It could take 1 – 4 hours depending on how many birds you have and if you need any special services.

6. Can I just drop my birds off anytime for processing?
No, All butchering is done by appointment only.

7. What days do you butcher?
Most butchering takes place on a Monday, Wedndesday, Friday & on some Saturdays. (Subject to change without notice)

8. How do I get my processed birds home?
Please bring coolers with ice. We do not provide ice, but may have it for sale on occasion.

9. What about the prices & Discounts?
Please ask, our prices are subject to change without notice.

10. Why are ducks and geese so expensive?
The Processing is longer due to hand plucking.

11. When should I bring ducks in for processing?
7/12 weeks is the best. Molting begins at 9-10 weeks and is the worst time and feathers cannot be gauranteed.

12. When should I bring in my Cornish Cross birds?
7- 8 weeks old

13. Do you have any crates we can borrow?
Yes, Just ask us and we may be able to help you out.

14. Can I bring in my birds loose in a trailer?
That’s okay, but we ask that you help catch your birds so they may be put into crates.

15. What kind of bags do you use?
Shrink Wrap Bags.

16. How do you keep the birds cold?
We put them into ice water to chill.

17. Can you process my older hens & roosters?

18. What if my Cornish Cross gets to big, will you still process them?
Yes, they are bigger an will need a bigger bag that will cost more.

19. Are you ever closed?
We’re open year around, but closed on Sundays, Labor Day weekend, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving.

20. What if I need to change my appointment?
That is fine, Please call us as soon as you know & we can work it out.

21. How long after I get my birds should I make an appointment with you?
As soon as you get your chicks. We fill up very fast, and if you need a specific day, the earlier you call the better.

22. Can I make my appointment online or by email?
We prefer to make them over the phone, please call us @ (503) 876-8231

23. May I watch you process my birds?
Yes, but we prefer you watch from the door and not enter the facility for your safety. It is best to plan to go have breakfast or lunch at one of the fine restaurants in the area. You get to relax while we do the work!

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